Adopt a Reef question

Jim Hendee hendee at
Fri Aug 18 12:36:15 EDT 2000


	I thought coral-listers might be able to offer assistance to Greg
Johnson and his class concerning the note he left on our CHAMP Web Page
comment form (see below).  Please respond directly to Greg.


01_FirstName: Greg
02_LastName: Johnson
03_Email: buntforhit at
04_Reason: EnjoyPage
05_Rating: Excellent
06_Informative: Excellent
07_Comments: I am a 7th grade history teacher in Blue Springs, Missouri,
just east of Kansas City. This year, our school building theme is Sea Quest.
Therefore, our school will be conducting activities throughout the year
based on the sea and aquatic life. I was curious to know if there are ways
my students could adopt a portion of a coral reef, or we might aid in the
effort to preserve them. Any information you could provide would be
extremely helpful.
Thanks so much!
Greg Johnson

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