Julian Sprung's email.

EricHugo at aol.com EricHugo at aol.com
Fri Aug 25 19:03:51 EDT 2000

Hi Julian:

I can see where the article is misleading in that it sort of lumps together 
bleaching and certain mass bleaching events.  Still, if you read carefully, I 
think that it states that other factors may contribute to the "widespread" 
bleaching of corals.  In fact, nowhere in this article do I even see the use 
of the words "mass bleaching" or anything about subsequent coral death except 
by inference through the word "starves."

Pollution, for example herbicides, pesticides, oils, and other chemicals, 
have been linked to bleaching. So, its really not that inaccurate.  Also, 
starvation does appear to play a role in the death of corals during prolonged 
bleaching events, and while you are correct in that starvation will not occur 
in days, it is still more or less correct in terms of a general statement on 
bleaching for the general level of this article.   Or so I feel. ;-)

Eric Borneman

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