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Hello Coral List

I recently wrote a paper describing the community composition of  a macrotidal
coral reef / algae assemblage of East Darwin Foreshore (Nightcliff Reef, Darwin,
Northern Territory, Australia). The work represents the first detailed
quantitative assessment of a 'finging' intertidal coral assemblage for this
region of Australia.

The paper compares and builds on the type of work previously undertaken on
Magnetic Island, off Townsville Australia (eg Morrissey, Bull). Corals in the
intertidal at Magnetic Island are similar in that they exist in nearshore muddy
waters. The paper also overviews other work in the Indo Pacific, hence it also
looks at georaphic affinities and differences to other published data (such as
Sheperd in the Arabian region).

The assemblage is unusual in that it exists under extreme environmental
conditions. The intertidal area on a low spring tide is over 500 m. The tides
reach up to 7m, and large colonies of Goniastrea aspera attain heights up to
1.8m which are totally exposed at low tide.

The paper attempts to follow (and review) the 'best' elements of sampling design
to undertake coral community analysis, then provides a comparsion with other
published work which documents community assemblage patterns within the region.
I believe we may have also discovered an undescribed species of Porities  which
dominates much of the intertidal/fringing assemblages throughout the region.

I am wondering if any established publishers of zonation / distribution studies
can recommend appropriate journal? It appears 'Coral Reefs' and 'J. Marine and
Freshwater Research' no longer publish material on zonation/distribution
studies. I have been advised to contact 'Atoll Research Bulletin' but cannot
find any details for publication through the WWW?


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