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Sun Aug 27 22:54:30 EDT 2000

Dear Colleagues,

The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation TERANGI has recently been commissioned
by Johns Hopkins University/Center for Communication Program to develop a
database for coral reef educational media within the frame of the Indonesian
COREMAP ­ Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project. In order to
develop an extensive and up to date database of educational booklets,
teacher manuals, audiovisual training aids, etc., we were sending out more
than 800 letters and e-mails about two months ago, asking for information on
existing educational media on coral reef issues.

Surprisingly, the turnout was much less than expected:
We got all together 35 replies, five institutions filled out the media
information form and 7 institutions sent material, all resulting in 12
entries in the database, of which 5 are from Oman - alhamdulillah    ;-)

Trying to figure out the reasons for the low response, we wonder, whether
many of you actually have been out teaching or studying in the field during
the summer period or just returned from summer vacation.

Since we aim to include the efforts and products of as many institutions and
individuals as possible in this database, we would be happy if those of you
who produced material or who know about available media on coral reef
education would contact us or fill out the attached form.

Through the database we hope to facilitate the communication among
institutions and projects by providing contact addresses of authors and
distributors together with information on content, intended target groups,
specific use categories, age classes, etc. .

We hope that this approach will benefit international stakeholders in coral
reef management and education projects as well as Indonesian efforts to
increase awareness and to build capacity for coral reef management and
conservation. The database will be made available to all interested
stakeholders on CD-ROM and on the Internet. We hope, that the database can
be launched on a website in time for this years 9th International Coral Reef
Symposium in Bali and that a joint display can be organized, in which a
large number of the included media can be explored by interested

Therefore we would really appreciate if you could spent a few minutes of
your time to support this effort with information on educational media on
coral reefs

Sincerely yours,

Jan Henning Steffen (TERANGI)
Douglas Storey (JHU/COREMAP)
Marlina Purwadi (TERANGI)

PS Below you find our previous letter.


TERANGI - The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation
Jl. Kemang Timur
Kompl. IAPCO No. 12

T/F +62 (21) 7179 3372
e-mail   terangi at



Two of five main programs of the Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation TERANGI
focus on the increase of public awareness and training/education regarding
management and wise use of coral reef resources. Therefore, we began more
than a year ago to search for appropriate books, publications, training
manuals and audiovisual material in order to carry out education and public
awareness activities focusing on general reef ecology, the values and
threats of coral reefs, as well as on community based CR management. In
agreement with the authors, some of the materials, including two videos, a
book, a monitoring manual and an educational flipchart are currently being
translated or adapted for the use in Indonesia.

During this process it became apparent, that in line with the "ICRI
(International Coral Reef Initiative) -  CALL TO ACTION" in Dumaguete in the
Philippines in 1995, the "Year of the Reef" in 1997 and the "ICRI
Reaffirmation of the Call to Action and Framework for Action" on the
"ITMEMS-International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium" in
Townsville in 1998, many new and creative media have been developed in order
to communicate coral reef related issues to a wider public in general and to
several target groups in schools, Universities and Government Institutions
in particular. Nevertheless, when asked for recommended publications by
other institutions, many national and international NGOs and donor agencies
stated, that they found it difficult to keep track with new releases. Many
were surprised to find out, that they were not aware of several new and
valuable existing media.

In order to support and strengthen the national and international mechanisms
for gathering and sharing educational information and expertise on the
sustainable management of coral reefs and related ecosystems, Johns Hopkins
Universities Center for Communication Programs decided to fund TERANGIs
efforts regarding the development of an educational coral reef media
database within the framework of the JHU-CCP Coral Reef Public Awareness
Project within the Indonesian COREMAP (Coral Reef Rehabilitation and
Management) Program.


It is planned to collect information on as many existing media as possible,
including books or educational booklets, training manuals, school project
documentation, Posters, games, audiovisual material, educational slide
collections, interactive CD-ROMs and websites. These will be categorized
regarding subject, target group etc. and entered into a clearing house
database, which will be made available to interested stakeholders on CD-ROM
and on the Internet, similar to former Johns Hopkins-Projects, such as the
Zambia Health Communication Database (see
It is hoped, that the website can be launched in time for this years 9th
International Coral Reef Symposium in Bali and that a joint display can be
organized, in which a large number of the media can be explored by
interested participants.


Please make copies of the attached form, and fill out one form for each kind
of media you or your institution produced and/or which you would like to see
included in the database. You can fax the form to  +62-21-717 933 72, send
it by mail, or enter information directly in the attached document and send
it to our e-mail 

terangi at

In order to display as many different existing educational materials as
possible at the Bali conference, it would be very helpful, if you could send
a sample of your product/s to the following address

PO Box 4346
JKTM 12700
Jakarta,  Indonesia

If you or your institution will be present at the Bali conference, please
consider to bring or ship copies of your product, to enable interested
participants to purchase them easily.

If you send an example, please note, whether you would like us to send your
sample back to you after the conference or whether you agree, that the
collected samples will be provided as a future information source to
students, local NGOs, government officials and other stakeholders through
TERANGIs clearing house facility in its growing coral reef information and
training center library in Jakarta. We hope to be able to update the
database in regular intervals, so please inform us in the future, if you
would like other products to be added.

We hope, that our joint effort will benefit the growing community of
institutions and individuals caring for the conservation and the sustainable
use of coral reefs and thank you very much for your consideration and

Yours sincerely

Marlina Purwadi and Jan Henning Steffen, PhD
Program for Marine Science and Education
TERANGI ­ The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation
Dr. Douglas Storey
Teamleader COREMAP Public Awareness
JHU CCP ­ Johns Hopkins University /
Center for Communication Programs


D A T A B A S E   E N TR Y   F O R M

Please fill out the form below to help us to describe your product in the

Please make copies of the form in case you produced several coral reef
education media.

You can e-mail the form(s) to            terangi at

or fax it to                             +62-21 717 93372

or send it by mail to

PO BOX 4346
JKTM 12700
Jakarta - Indonesia

- If you send a sample of your material you don¹t need to fill out the
- In case you are sending any product please notify us by short e­mail, fax
or letter to enable us to check with the post office in case there is a
delay with their arrival.

If you are not sure, whether your material fits the database, below a short
help to identify the kind of product the database would like to list:

We are looking for materials for coral reef educational efforts, which are
often, but not necessarily elementary - school - based (for example in
regard to outreach work in coastal communities). Defining the target group
categories, we asked ourselves the following questions:
How do we educate children, students and adults about coral reef issues and
what do we consider to be essential "coral reef knowledge" for each target

We would like to list also more advanced education and training manuals on
reef conservation and management for specific target groups, such as
university students and field staff of coral reef conservation projects.

Your Name    : 

Institution  :

Kind of Material:  

(For example Book, Journal, Report, News Letter, Article Magazine, Fact
Sheet, Audio Visual, Poster, Web Site, Educational game )

Title               : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

Author/ Institution : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

Publisher           : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

Year                : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

Language            : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

Total Pages         : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

Volume              : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

ISSN Number         : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

For Audio Visual
Duration : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ minutes

Kind of Audio-Visual : (cross/high light appropriate category)
1. Video   2. CD-ROM    3. Audio-Cassette  4. VCD  5ŠŠŠŠ

For Web Site
Web Address           : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ
Type of  Information  : ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

For Visual Material (cross/high light appropriate category)
1.  Flip Chart    2. Poster   3. Educational Brochure   5. Slide Collection

Category    : (cross/high light appropriate categories)

1.  Public Awareness                      2. Coral Monitoring
3. Coral Reef Ecology                     4. Coral Reef Invertebrate
5. Coral Reef Fishes                      6. Coral Taxonomy
7. Coral Reef Management                  8. Coral Reef Status

Potential User : (cross/high light appropriate category)
1. Teacher/Lecturer
2. NGO
3. General
4. Student
 (a. kindergarten b. elementary c. high school d. college)
5. Š

Abstract/Summary :

Key Words :

Please characterize/evaluate the material in your words:
(if applicable)

About the material : (cross the appropriate category)
1    You send this form to TERANGI
2    You send a sample of the material and would like us to send it back to
you after the Bali Symposium
3    You send a sample of the material and you agree that it will become
part of a non-profit Clearing House Library after The Symposium
4    You will bring the material to the symposium and would like us to
provide space for it in the exhibition.

Where and how can interested parties access or order the Material?

e-mail         :  ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ
web-site       :  ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

Notes, recommendations or remarks


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