[Fwd: Another great contribution of aquaculture practices!!]

J. Charles Delbeek delbeek at hawaii.edu
Mon Aug 28 20:03:03 EDT 2000

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Ron Hill wrote:

> This message from the fish-sci list is worth passing on to the
> coral-list.  I was trying to compose a response to the  question about
> the culture of exotic corals near the Red Sea and the danger of
> releasing non-native corals in the surrounding area when this came
> across my computer screen.  It is exactly the point I wanted to
> make...about the adaptability of species and the fallibility of our
> safeguards.  The Atlantic Salmon farmed on the west coast are supposed
> to be contained throughout their lives and never released - they have
> escaped.  They were not supposed to venture into fresh water -- they
> have.  They were not supposed to be able to breed even if they did
> escape - there is every indication that there are now breeding
> populations and the impacts on native salmon and trout are yet to be
> determined.

Mmmm .. .shades of the book Jurassic Park!


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