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sesh serebiah seshserebiah at
Thu Aug 31 13:30:28 EDT 2000

Dear sir
I am introducing myself as a research scholar working in the mangrove 
habitat with its associated fauna in Gulf of Kachchh, India. According to 
the information in internet about the polycheate and meiofauna, I am very 
much having thrust to contact you. My main focus is in meiofauna and benthic 
faunal assemblage. But I am frequently stood in the problem of identifying 
the meiofauna. My country have seems to be very poor work and getting the ID 
key is very difficult from those sparsely delicates. In this regard I would 
be very grateful if you could send the minimum possible materials. Apart 
from if you have any publication related with mangrove benthic macro and 
meio fauna, please send it me. I will be expecting your voluble 
encouragement in my endeavor. Please inform if any other related workshop/ 
symposium /seminar in related to mangrove macro meiofauna.
Thanking you
sesh serebiah
Gujarat institute of desert ecology
Kachchh (DT)

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