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Participants in the 9th International Coral Reef Symposium wishing to have 
their papers published in the Proceedings are requested to proceed as follows:

Oral presenters

1.      Write or email to the convenor of your mini-symposium, requesting 
permission to submit your manuscript, including the following:
-       names of the author(s) and full title of your abstract (as printed 
in the Abstract Book, or distributed as a loose leaf addition at the Symposium)
-       the full names, postal addresses and email addresses of 2 suggested 
2.      The convenor will advise you whether or not your manuscript can be 
3.      If so, please send to the convenor, 3 paper copies and/or a .pdf 
file of your manuscript, strictly following Instructions for Authors for 
the journal 'Coral Reefs' before January 31st 2001. (To protect your prose, 
do not send as word-processor files).
4.      The Reviewers will recommend to the convenor that your manuscript 
is to be accepted with or without revision, or rejected.
5.      The Convenor will advise you.
6.      If your manuscript is accepted, revise as necessary, and reformat 
in camera ready form, not exceeding 6 printed pages, including all figures, 
photos, captions, table and references. (There are approximately 960 words 
to a page)
7.      Submit camera-ready copy on paper and/or .pdf format, to the Editor 
in Chief.

Poster paper presenters

1.      Contact the convenor of the mini-symposium to which your paper is 
most closely aligned, and follow instructions as for Oral Presenters (Steps 
1 - 7 above).
Dr Kasim Moosa              email: bkasim at
Editor in Chief
9th International Coral Reef Symposium
Research and Development Centre for Oceanology
Jl Pasir Putih I
Ancol Timur
PO Box 4801 /JKTF
Jakarta   11048

Note: An updated list of names and contact details for mini-symposium 
convenors and chairs will be posted on the Symposium Website

Dr Terry Done
Leader Sustaining Living Marine Resources Project
Australian Institute of Marine Science
PMB #3 Mail Centre,
Townsville Qld          4810

Phone 61 7 47 534 344
Fax   61 7 47 725 852
email: tdone at

WEBSITE for 9th International Coral Reef Symposium 
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