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You can take action against inadequate public waste water treatment plants
discharging into shallow coastal waters in the Caribbean!

CORALations has teamed with local community groups, National Surfrider and
Env. Defense (ED) to bring to your attention this critical water quality
issue. In just a few minutes you can fill out an electronic form provided
by ED, that will automatically send a fax to four EPA officials in your
name. This letter will be entered into public record regarding the EPA
tentative approval of a Clean Water Act (CWA) Waiver for a large public
waste water treatment plant in Puerto Rico.

Please ACT TODAY, deadline is DEC 6th.

If you represent an organization, please use the second address field
provided to indicate "name of org."

You can also amend the letter before signing.

CWA waiver amendments governing large public facilities that discharge
into the ocean have fairly stringent environmental compliance that must be
met before such approval can be granted.

EPA has tentatively approved the Aguadilla Waste Water Treatment Plants
CWA waiver and the EPA scientists have obviously and INCORRECTLY concluded
the receiving waters are not stressed. Photos are available for your
review that document the adjacent river chronically dumps sediment into
the same areas the Aguadilla plant is discharging.



Mary Ann Lucking
Project Coordinator

P.O. Box 750
Culebra, PR 00775
corals at prtc.net

1-877-77C-ORAL, 787-742-0591, 787-742-0068

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