urchin hunch

s96008249 at usp.ac.fj s96008249 at usp.ac.fj
Thu Dec 7 13:49:00 EST 2000

Hi coral-list,

I have encountered an unusually large number in grazing %  in one 
of my bioerosion experimental slabs. A replicate slab of this also 
shows similar high value.

While the rest of the urchins put in the cages were around 40-
43mm, this one was 45.7mm. I took this as one of the reasons for 
the unusually high values. 

What other reasons could be suggested??? Also, could someone 
refer me to literature on E. mathaei (sa urchin) life cycles, ageing 

Your assistance will highly be appreciated.

University of the South Pacific,

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