Medicinal compounds from reef organisms

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Dear Osha and other interested coral-listers,


>Dear fellow list-serve members,
>For a documentary on coral reefs, I'd like to make contact with individuals 
>doing research on deriving medicinal compounds from reef organisms (I'm 
>particularly interested in the current state of research involving soft 
>corals in this regard, but other reef organisms are of interest as well).
>Thanks and cheers,
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Gustavson K, Huber RM, Ruitenbeek J (eds) Decision support modeling for 
the integrated coastal zone management of coral reefs in the developing 
tropics.  The World Bank, Washington, DC.


Chapter 7 Montego Bay Pharmaceutical Bioprospecting Valuation

Chapter 12 Incorporating Genetic Resource Utilization into ICZM

Annex A Success rate determininants in pharmaceutical bioprospecting

The book can be purchased via the world Bank (see details below).

Subject category: Environment & Pollution Prevention
2000.  312 pages.  8 3/8 x 103/4. Stock no. 14628 (ISBN 0-8213-4628-8)
Price Code S35/$35.00
E-mail orders:  books at
Review or Desk Copies:  202 473-1153

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