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Iain Macdonald I.Macdonald at
Fri Dec 8 05:56:38 EST 2000

Dear listers

I apologise for using the list but all internet searches were to no 
avail to locate or get a response from the Arabian Gulfs ROPME 
(Regional Organisation for the Protection of the Marine 
Environment) and the Qatar University Marine Sciences homepage 
is still being developed. Do any of you know of contacts in Qatar 
that i could email about some possible research ideas?

Please email me directly on I.Macdonald at

Yours sincerely

Iain Macd.

Room E402 John Dalton Extension Building,
Department of Environmental and Geographical Science,
Manchester Metropolitan University,
Chester Street,
M1 5GD
Tel: 0161 247 6234
Fax: 0161 247 6318


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