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Dear Coral researchers,

Here's a coral-related article in ABCNEWS.

"Reef Replacement

New Project Hopes to Restore Coral Reefs by Growing Them

Applied Marine Technologies grows coral, as shown here, using sea water, 
sunlight and patented bases. The coral is then secured to cement spheres 

By Amanda Onion

Dec. 8 — They host such diverse life that they’re known as the rain forests 
of the sea.

But more than a quarter of the world’s coral reefs has been destroyed and the
remaining communities may die within the next 20 years, according to a 
recent study released by scientists at a coral reef conference in Bali, 
Indonesia. The corals, which are spineless marine organisms, build latticed 
limestone structures around themselves. Since these structures are home to 
crustaceans and an estimated 25 percent of the world’s marine fish — the 
coral’s demise could also be that of many other marine species."

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