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The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is soliciting proposals for
outreach and education projects related to coral reef conservation.  The
deadline for proposals has been extended until January 12, 2001.

Coral reefs are among the most biologically productive and complex
ecosystems in the world.  This incredible diversity supports economies
through activities such as tourism, fishing, pharmaceutical production,
and other activities.  Despite their importance, the health of coral
reefs is rapidly declining due to stresses such as water pollution,
overfishing, and physical disturbance to the reefs.  The purpose of this
grant program is to address these issues through outreach and education
that benefit coral reefs and their associated resources.

Priority projects will include those that:
(1) are community-based and demonstrate broad or innovative
(2) represent coordinated approaches with on-going coral reef outreach
and education activities,
(3) address an unmet need that will provide direct benefits to coral
reefs, and
(4) target a specific audience and address specific threats with a
hands-on approach.

Funding for projects is limited.  Average grants will be approximately
$20,000.   All projects should include funding from project partners at
a minimum ratio of 1:1 - although leverage ratios of 2:1 are preferred.
As most of the grant dollars available through the Coral Reef Outreach
and Education Fund are federal (National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration), partner contributions should include non-federal funds.

Additional governmental and nongovernmental partners are being sought to
help support this effort.

Electronic versions of the application form are available on the web at under “Grant Programs”.  If you have any questions about
the program, please contact Karen Abrams (abrams at at the
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
1120 Connecticut Ave. NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036
202 857-0166
202 857-0162 (fax)

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