Soft Coral Taxonomy Workshop, Sept 5-8, 2001

Sotheeswaran, Chemistry Dept. sotheeswaran at
Sat Dec 9 18:57:56 EST 2000

The above workshop will be held at the Marine Studies Facilities, 
the University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji from September 5-8, 
2001. Interested individuals should visit the  website for more 
details and send the completed  EXPRESSION OF INTEREST 
form with a copy of their brief curriculum vitae to:

Professor S. Sotheeswaran, Department of Chemistry, The 
University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji

Closing date for the receipt of the expression of interest form is 1 
March 2001. Slots will be available only for the first ten overseas 

The workshop is designed to cover the identification of the major 
soft coral genera which can be found in the warm, shallow waters 
of the broader Indo-Pacific region, and to demonstrate how to 
distinguish between species and genera.

The intensive 4 day workshop will include an overview of the variety 
of soft coral forms, the internal and external taxonomic characters, 
and the laboratory techniques employed in analysing these 
characters. The workshop will adopt a predominantly hands on 
approach, with participants critically examining examples of each 
genus. Opportunities to present posters on soft coral chemistry will 
also be available.

The workshop will be conducted by Dr Phil Alderslade, curator of 
Cnidaria at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, 
Darwin, Australia.

Please visit the following website for more details and download the 
expression of interest form:

Professor S. Sotheeswaran

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