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Tue Dec 12 07:49:11 EST 2000

The Executive Summary from the Scientific Review Panel for Coral Reef
Monitoring (FKNMS WQPP) may be accessed as noted below.  The data is very
negative, 40 sites, 1996 to 1999, overall a 38 percent loss in coral
cover.  The details are disturbing.

Best wishes for a great holiday and interesting new year.    

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> The 2000 CRMP Executive Summary is available on our ftp site.  The file is
> a pdf, so you will be able to read, zoom and print the document in color.
> Using any web browser, go to the following address:
> Download (click on) the file named EPA CRMP Review 2000.pdf
> It should take about 2 minutes to download (2.5 MB).
> Enjoy, ML
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