Coral Reef Monitoring "Needs Assessment" Survey

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Tue Dec 12 11:09:28 EST 2000

Aloha all,

The Coral Reef Monitoring group of the Coral Reef Task Force's Ecosystem
Science and Conservation working group would do well by your participation
in a survey of coral reef monitoring-related needs.  There is a web-based
survey which will allow you to complete the survey over the Internet. The
web-based survey has been designed to work using any Internet browser on
any computer platform.  The survey can be completed in about 15-20
minutes. Instructions for completing the survey, as well as the reasons
for undertaking the survey, are provided on the web site. Please visit:

	user name - crtf_public
	password  - spurandgroove

Hopefully, this will enable better monitoring by the NOAA folks.

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