user zonation of coral reefs

Bridget Armstrong b.elliott at
Tue Dec 12 07:56:58 EST 2000

Could someone please point me to references dealing with user zonation =
of coral reefs, or provide any information on this. I am looking for =
studies on the zoning of coral reefs for different types of activities, =
as well as for different intensities of uses, based on conservation =
biology principles. Are there examples of this management practice in =
use ? I am not referring to zonation simply to alleviate user conflict, =
but rather to ensure sustainable use and effective conservation.

Is there general acceptance that reefs located near the source of larval =
supply should receive greater protection, in order to supply reefs =
further downstream ? ARe there examples of genetic studies on corals to =
determine the amount of genetic mixing, and thus the appropriate scale =
of zonation for conservation management ? Is it accepted that within =
each cluster of reefs there should be a "no-go" sanctuary zone, so that =
this less impacted reef could be a source of larvae for adjacent reefs ? =
Or is it more appropriate to ensure that all biotypes are conserved in a =
strategic coastwise manner, with fewer, larger sanctuary areas that may =
be more effective for reseeding ? This would include the "SLOSS" debate =
(single large or several small) on the design of  reserves most =
appropriate for coral reefs.

I am aware of the literature on diver carrying capacities of individual =
reefs, but am more interested in strategic, coastwise conservation at =
the scale of tens or hundreds of kilometres.

Many thanks


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