Publicity of Coral Reef Degradation

Ruth Howell rhowell at
Wed Dec 13 09:20:22 EST 2000

Dear list,
	Like many on the coral list and world wide, I am concerned about the future of coral reefs.  Yet while I recieve practically daily reminders about the threats to reefs from industry sources (like the list),  I rarely come across information aimed towards the general public.  For over a decade, there has been a massive publicity campaign to "Save the Rainforest" and I am wondering why there has not been a comparable effort on behalf of the reefs.  To me, they embody as much public appeal as rainforests through unusual creatures, vibrant colors, and diversity.  They are also as important economically and ecologically.  Few members of the US and European populations have visited coral reefs, yet this is just as true for Rainforests. 

	Public knowledge and pressure can effect change better than any other technique, but no where have I heard of large public demonstrations or an opportunity to "Save one acre of coral reef".  I am new to the  marine industry and solicit the expertise of the researchers on the list on this issue.  
  Best Wishes,
          	Ruth Howell

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