user zonation of coral reefs

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Bridget Armstrong wrote :

>Could someone please point me to references dealing with user zonation =
>of coral reefs, or provide any information on this.

We published in 1977 a usefull Indopacific coral reef terminology 
used bu most of the french-speakers :

BATTISTINI et al. (24 french authors), 1997. Eléments de terminologie 
récifale indopacifique. Téthys, Marseille, Fr., 7 (1) : 1-111. With 
english, german, russian translations of the 125 terms defined within.

>Is there general acceptance that reefs located near the source of larval =
>supply should receive greater protection, in order to supply reefs =
>further downstream ?

OF COURSE. Most of the fringing coral reefs, near lands, are the 
providers of larvae for outer areas as seawards barrier reefs, and 
lagoonal reefs.
It was demonstrated (pers. comm. Michel PICHON, EPHE Perpignan) by 
coral transplant that the corals from oceanic seaward reefs are not 
abble to survived in the coastal reefs, in contrary the coastal 
corals (that are adapted to survived to several stresses as high 
temperature, lower salinity, high turbidity, etc.) are abble to 
survived and developped on the outer seawards reefs.
Probably coastal coral communities developped phenologic populations 
(as we observed in Mayotte I., SW Indian Ocean, on fringing reefs in 
muddy bay environments), but I am not sure it was yet demonstrated.

>ARe there examples of genetic studies on corals to =
>determine the amount of genetic mixing, and thus the appropriate scale =
>of zonation for conservation management ?

I am cathcher of informations upon these last topics. Thanks.

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