Montastraea cavernosa gametes

Tonya tlsnell at
Fri Jun 2 08:22:08 EDT 2000

Dear coral list,

I am in search of frozen Montastraea cavernosa gametes (preferably sperm)
to use for the development of some molecular techniques. Currently I am
using adult tissue for the development of the technique but am running
into problems with mucous and zooxanthellae.  If you have M. cavernosa
gametes and are willing to share, please contact me at
tlsnell at  Your assistance is greatly, greatly appreciated!!
Thank you for your time.

Tonya Snell

Department of Biological Sciences
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo NY 14260

Phone: 716-645-2718
Fax:   716-645-2975
Email: tlsnell at

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