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jack morelock morelock at
Thu Jun 15 13:31:37 EDT 2000

I have posted a bibliography of about 3750 coral and carbonate
references at

I ame in the process of adding abstracts to all of the references that
I have the paper or meeting reference. 15 jul complete to F. I am also
adding a figure from each reference where it is useful. these are only
through B's.

I have told NOAA that they are welcome to add a link to this in the
literature section - you can reach the link directly.

during the summer, I will be adding abstracts and figures, so if the
references are useful to you check back.

The choice of references are primarily geological, but many biological
aspect papers are included. do not expect to find anything on fish,
invertebrates that do not impact the reefs or other purely biological

if you have a reference, abstract or figure that you think should be
added, please post information to me at
morelock at

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