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Fri Jun 23 11:53:39 EDT 2000

Dear NOAA officials,

I have just got back from a fascinating trip to the Red Sea a mixture
between art and science.

The purpose of the trip was to see and evaluate what has been done in the
area of artificial coral reefs means - underwater structures for the
purpose of establishing new settlements of corals and eventually creating a
habitat for fishes and invertebrates .

My partner Dr Nadav Shashar from The Inter University Institute of Eilat
and I met with government officials, business people and other scientists
to start the conversation regarding "The Peace Reef" - creating an
artificial coral reef in the northern part of the Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat,
along the northern beach and extending to the Jordanian/Israeli border.
This project sets out to build, for the first time ever, a new biological

We dove in to two sites were artificial structures have been introduced to
develop a base for coral settlement. The first site was of a battle ship
which was sunk for the purpose for attracting divers - the 2nd site was a
structure of a pyramid which was introduced for research purposes.

These dives gave us a batter picture of how to conduct the construction of
"The Peace Reef" as a structure which combines art science.

The reef will be constructed out of especially designed modules which will
provide highly complex surfaces for coral reef development. Addition to the
modules the reef's structure may be augmented with some armored military
weapons donated by the previously opponent countries, and with specially
made sculptures (an underwater sculpture garden). These will provide focal
points along the reef.  The sculpture garden will be an ongoing attraction
- "fed" by an annually competition.

At the moment the Red Sea Conservation Alliance is in search for funding.

I am very excited to be involve with this project to know more about
artificial reef projects arround the world - can you refer me to 2-3 case
studies were artitficial reef "garden"/system have been created

Yours Truly

Akiva Boker

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