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Jim Hendee hendee at
Wed Jun 28 05:47:02 EDT 2000

Greetings, coral-listers!

	I'm very sorry for any inconvenience that coral-list has been
inoperable for the last 10 days.  We had to upgrade the operating system
because of security concerns, and the old version of the listserver
software was not compatible with it.  Thanks to the efforts of the
original programmer who brought coral-list online, Louis Florit (who has
been helping from his new location in Silicon Valley!), coral-list is
provisionally back up and running.  I say provisionally because the
digests are not working correctly yet.  Thus, you will have to
subscribe/unsubscribe to the digests later on after we get them working

	Other problems you may experience are duplicate postings.  If this
happens, please unsubscribe yourself using the syntax described below.  

	I hope coral-list will work fine for now.  If you have problems,
please address them to jch at, but don't be surprised if
you don't get an answer back right away.  We'll be working on it for you!

	Jim Hendee
	coral-list admin

Welcome to the Coral Health and Monitoring Program List-Server! 

        SAVE THIS MESSAGE!  It has important information on subscribing
and unsubscribing from coral-list.

	The purpose of the Coral Health and Monitoring list-server is to
provide a forum for Internet discussions and announcements among coral
health researchers pertaining to coral reef health and monitoring
throughout the world.  The list is primarily for use by coral researchers
and scientists.  Currently, about 1600 researchers are subscribed to the
list.  Appropriate subjects for discussion might include: 

	o  bleaching events
	o  outbreaks of coral diseases
	o  high predation on coral reefs
	o  environmental monitoring sites
	o  incidences of coral spawnings
	o  shipwrecks on reefs
	o  international meetings and symposia
	o  funding opportunities
	o  marine sanctuary news
	o  new coral-related publications
	o  announcements of college courses in coral reef ecology
	o  coral research initiatives
	o  new and historical data availability
	o  controversial topics in coral reef ecology
	o  recent reports on coral research

	Please do NOT post messages of a purely commercial nature, e.g.,
commercial dive trips or vacations at coral reef areas.  However, if you
are a non-profit organization wishing to publicize the existence of a
product of benefit to the coral research community, please do so.  Also,
do not post verbatim news articles you might find on the Web--this
may constitute copyright infringement.  However, you may want to post a 
Web link to the news article.

-- To Subscribe to the List --

	Since you just got this message, you are already subscribed to the
list!  However, if you wish to instruct others how to subscribe to the
list, have them send e-mail to majordomo at, with the
following message (only!) in the body of the text: 

	subscribe coral-list

-- To Un-Subscribe from the List --

	To un-subscribe from the list, send e-mail to 
majordomo at, with the following message (only!) in the 
body of the text:

	unsubscribe coral-list

If you are unable to subscribe or unsubscribe after trying these 
alternatives, send a message to the coral-list administrator at 
jch at

-- To Post a Comment or Announcement --

	To post a message to the list, simply address your comments or
announcements to coral-list at  The message will be
circulated to all members of coral-list.  The members may respond to you
directly, or post their comments to the list for all to read.  You may of
course wish to respond to a coral-list message by sending a message
directly to the author of the message.  Please DO NOT post messages with
embedded HTML commands.  One of these days all mail readers may use this
feature, but many do not still, and such a message may come out as garbage
on a non-HTML compliant mail reader. 

-- Help --

	To see a list of the functions and services available from the
list-server, send an e-mail message to majordomo at, with
the following message (only!) in the body of the text: 


-- Other Coral Related Information --

        The Coral Health and Monitoring Program (CHAMP) has a World-Wide
Web Home Page at the following URL: 

There are a tremendous number of links at the Links Page, so you should 
be able to get a good start on reseaching your topic of interest, if you 
can't find it elsewhere on the CHAMP Page.

-- Add your name to the Coral Researchers Directory! --

	After you read this message, you may wish to add your name to the 
Coral Researchers Directory.  To do so, send the following information to 
lagoon at, with your name (Last Name, First Name) in the 
Subject: line of your message:

Name:		(How you'd like it to appear on the listing)
Institution:	(or N/A)
Address Line 1:	
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
State or Province:
Business Phone:
Business Fax:
Other info:	(Add up to, say, 20 lines, if you'd like.)

-- Etiquette --

1)  When responding to a posting to the list, do not respond
	*back* to the entire list unless you feel it is an
	answer everyone can benefit from.  I think this is
	usually the case, but responses such as, "Yeah, tell
	me, too!" to the entire list will make you unpopular
	in a hurry.  Double-check your "To: " line before

2) Do not "flame" (i.e., scold) colleagues via the coral-list.  If
	you feel compelled to chastise someone, please send them
	mail directly and flame away.

3) Please conduct as much preliminary research into a topic
	as possible before posting a query to the list. (In 
	other words, you shouldn't expect others to do your
	research for you.) Please consider:

	o  Your librarian (an extremely valuable resource)
	o  The CHAMP Literature Abstracts area at the CHAMP Web site
	o  The CHAMP Online Researcher's Directory
		(i.e., search for your topic, ask the
		experts directly)
	o  The CHAMP (and other) Web sites' links page(s)
	o  The coral-list archives (see below)

  But please *do* avail yourself of the list when you've exhausted
	other sources.

  IMPORTANT NOTE:  To keep from getting irate responses from your
	colleagues, it is suggested that you relate your previous
	efforts to find information that were unsuccessful when
	you post a request.

4)  Please carefully consider the purpose of coral-list 
	before posting a message.  This is a forum comprised
	primarily of researchers who devote major portions
	of their work time to the study of corals or 
	coral-related issues.

5)  Succinct postings are greatly appreciated by all.

6)  Archives

        Archives of all previous coral-list messages (updated at the 
end of each month) can be found at this Web Page:

Please review these messages on topics that may have already been
discussed in detail before you post new messages on the same topic.

-- Problems --

	If you have any problems concerning the list, please feel free to
drop a line to:  jim.hendee at 

	We hope you enjoy the list!

	Sincerely yours,

	Jim Hendee
	Louis Florit
	Philippe Dubosq

        Ocean Chemistry Division
        Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
        National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
        4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
        Miami, FL  33149-1026

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