Jeffrey D. & Martha H. Hubbard hubbard182 at
Thu Jun 29 23:21:10 EDT 2000

In an era when public service for no compensation is a dwindling memory in
many areas, Jim Hendee's service to Coral-List should have some notice
taken.  Keeping the List running, fighting off viruses, answering the same
foolish questions over and over, repelling the queries from above about why
one's computer time and capacity are so expensive, even chastising the
occasional wacko - this is the moderator's lot, all for the satisfaction of
an important job well done.  Those of us who profit intellectually (or other
ways!) from Coral-List should raise a glass to Jim in thanks.

Jeffrey D. Hubbard, M.D.
Bender-St. Peter's Laboratory
Albany, New York  12208  USA       voice 518 525 1480

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