Global Coral Disease Database

Ed Green edg at
Thu Mar 2 08:08:55 EST 2000

WCMC and NOAA (NMFS) are pleased to announce that the Global Coral Disease Database is now accessible on-line at:

The database contains more than 2000 records of direct observations of coral disease in the field, obtained from 155 separate sources. There is a tool which allows you to select and map records over the WCMC global coral reef maps. Full details for mapped records may then be downloaded for personal use.

Please bear in mind that the service provided here is only as good as the data which is in the public domain. If you are aware of publications which we have ommitted to include, or have personal and perhaps unpublished observations of coral disease, then we would very much like to include them. Please refer to the 'data submission page' ( for details.

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