Coral Toxins & Human skin reaction

Bill Burnett W.J.Burnett at
Tue Mar 7 04:11:06 EST 2000

>  I'm looking for information about how to cure eczema caused by
> regular contact with corals...
> Thanks a lot for any help !
> Best

Hi Fabrice - it's easy, just don't handle any corals.  Grin.  Sorry, 
not very helpful.  This is a pretty widespread problem - all the skin 
falls off my hands the first day out collecting zoanthids - and I 
know lots of coral people with the same problem.  Come to think of it 
I know clam and prawn people too.  The simple answer is just to wear 
surgical gloves - I use nice bright blue nitrile ones.


Bill Burnett   w.j.burnett at
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

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