thanks for information on artificial reefs

Tue Mar 7 08:15:16 EST 2000

Thanks to everyone who responded so promptly on this.  Also thanks again to Jim for providing such a great service by keeping this list going.  

For those interested, the information was needed in Tanzania where a very preliminary assessment is being made of  the possibility of using artifical reefs as a component in clearing up Dar es Salaam harbour.  The challenge being the 15 or so hulks (coasters, shrimp trawlers etc...) that are sitting in Dar es Salaam harbour providing considerable navigational, environmental and social hazards. The idea is to develop a win-win solution to remove the hulks and create a new habitat for fish/recreation/coastal protection/whatever.  

Thanks again - and if anyone wants a summary of the responses I received, we could put this together.


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