"bounces" mailing list (via coral-list)

coral-list admin jch at aoml.noaa.gov
Thu Mar 9 07:16:58 EST 2000


	This is somewhat of a repeat message sent awhile ago, so I'll hum
a few bars, and if the tune sounds familiar, ignore it.

	Every morning I have to remove subscribers to coral-list, usually
because of bounced email addresses.  Sometimes it is because a subscriber
forgot to inform the listserver software of a change-of-address, sometimes
it is because a system administrator didn't tell you your domain address
changed.  Usually I don't unsubscribe somebody right away--I let the
messages bounce for awhile in hopes that you will notice or be informed by
whomever and correct the situation.  If the problem persists, though, I
usually unsubscribe the address from coral-list and subscribe it to a
special list called "bounces," which informs you (via your old address, of
course, in case it comes back online), that you have been unsubscribed.  
After awhile, if the problem persists, I also remove the address from the
"bounces" mailing list.  So if you get this message, unsubscribe from
"bounces" and subscribe back to "coral-list" or "coral-list-digest"
following the directions you will get.  

	As always, if you have a problem, drop me a line.

	Jim Hendee

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