"bounces" confusion

coral-list admin jch at aoml.noaa.gov
Fri Mar 10 09:30:04 EST 2000


	Bob Kinzie had a good point below.  To clear it up, if you got my
recent "bounces" informational message, you are NOT on the "bounces"
mailing-list.  I just sent that message so you would know what happened if
you got a Welcome Message from bounces at coral.aoml.noaa.gov that informs
you have been placed on the list.  To reiterate, if you saw the message a
couple of days ago (see Bob's excerpt below), you ARE NOT on the bounces
list.  Thanks, Bob!


Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 12:37:54 -1000 
From: Dr. Bob Kinzie <rkinzie at zoology.zoo.hawaii.edu>
To: "'coral-list admin '" <jch>
Subject: RE: "bounces" mailing list (via coral-list)

Hi Jim,

As usual thanks for the great job

I wonder if your "bounces" list note might be confusing

This sentence in your message may mislead folks

> So if you get this message, unsubscribe from "bounces" and subscribe back
>to "coral-list" or "coral-list-digest" following the directions you will

Does "this message" refer to the message in hand, or to a message with the
notification that the subscriber is now on the bounce list that would be
received if that happened?

Maybe I am being pickey but I bet you get some confusion on this

Thanks again for all the work you put in on this


Bob Kinzie

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