A9 mini-symp at Bali--call for abstracts

Paul Blanchon blanchon at mar.icmyl.unam.mx
Mon Mar 13 10:11:55 EST 2000

Coral Listers and potential Bali participants:

Any one interested in the impact of rapid-climate and sea-level 
change on reef systems is requested to submit an abstract to the A9 
mini-symposium at Bali as soon as you can (deadline is April 30).

This mini-symposium addresses the response of Holocene and 
Pleistocene reef systems to climate and SL varibility, and we are 
particularly interested in discussing:

1) the impact of rapid changes which accompanied deglacial episodes 
(e.g., changes in SL, sea-surface conditions, climate etc.)

2) the impact of unstable behavior during interglacial episodes

3) how reef data provides new insight into glacial / deglacial / 
interglacial events or conditions.

4) new insights/data on the controls of reef initiation, aggradation or demise.

This basically means that anyone working on Holocene or Pleistocene 
reefs/corals should consider submitting an abstract to this 
symposium. (Even if your working on older reef systems, send it in). 
Or, if you're not yet certain that you can attend Bali, just let us 
know that it's a possibility, and tell us the potential title/topic 
of the talk--you never know, with technology, maybe we can work 
something out. For those who are attending for certain, we can 
guarantee you some thoughtful discussion on these topics.

Please submit your abstracts before April 30th to Paul at 
blanchon at icmyl.unam.mx

For more information visit the A9 web page at : 
Or the main ICRS Bali page at: www.nova.edu/ocean/9icrs

If you're still unsure about the suitability of your topic, feel free 
to contact any one of us. Our contact details are on the web page.

Best regards,
Paul Blanchon	   Chris Dullo	Lucien Montaggioni
A9 Mini-Symposium organizers
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