9ICRS Coral Bleaching Impact Session Announcement

Heidi Z. Schuttenberg hzs at gso.uri.edu
Tue Mar 14 12:11:01 EST 2000

Dear Coral Listers,

Those of you working on Coral Bleaching Impacts, Future Trends, or
Mitigating planning are encouraged to submit an abstract for the 9ICRS
mini-symposia on this topic (Session E3:  Coral Bleaching: Assessing and
Linking Ecological and Socio Economic Impacts, Future Trends and
Mitigation Planning).  This symposium will bring together a
multidisciplinary group of experts to examine: (1) past events and future
trends of coral bleaching; (2) likely ecological impacts of repeated
bleaching events; (3) how recurrent bleaching events may affect coastal
communities and reef-dependent businesses; and (4) response strategies
including mitigating bleaching related impacts. The session will also
discuss methodologies for assessing and monitoring socio-economic impacts
from coral bleaching events and the efficacy of mitigation efforts.

Please send abstracts by the 30 April deadline to Lynne Hale care of Heidi
Schuttenberg (hzs at gso.uri.edu) and David Hopley
(David.Hopley at ultrat.net.au).

See you in October.

Lynne Hale

Lynne Zeitlin Hale
Associate Director
Coastal Resources Center
University of Rhode Island
Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882 USA

(t): 401-874-6112
(f): 401-789-4670


Heidi Z. Schuttenberg
Coastal Resources Center
University of Rhode Island
Narragansett, RI  02882

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