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Dear Coral Listers,

We would like to make you aware of the mini-symposium 'The Economic
Importance of Coral Reefs' which is part of the 9ICRS in Bali (23-27 October
2000). For further information please see the introduction copied below.

If you would like to present a paper as part of this mini-symposium please
send your abstract before the 30 April deadline to the conveners:
Helge Vogt (HP_Vogt at or Alan White (awhite at and
the co-ordinator of the scientific programme: David Hopley
(David.Hopley at

For information regarding the 9ICRS please check the web site:

We hope to see you in Bali.




The Economic Importance of Coral Reefs

HP Vogt* and A. White**

e-mail: *HP_Vogt at, **awhite at

For centuries healthy coral reefs have provided the livelihood of numerous
fishermen and formed the backbone of the local economies. More recently, the
beauty of the reefs has attracted large numbers tourists. The worlds largest
industry ­ tourism is promoting reef areas specifically for expensive SCUBA
dive vacations. The economies of some countries have become dependent on the
lucrative long-haul traveller market. Coral reefs provide further economic
benefits such as free protection of the coastline from storms and erosion.

Despite the economic importance of coral reefs, human activities such as
over-exploitation and destructive fishing methods are continuing to affect
the economic value of reefs. In some areas, such practice has caused catches
to fall well below the sustainable levels of healthy reefs. As a consequence
subsistence fishermen may no longer be able to depend on reefs as the only
source of income. 
A considerable segment of the dive industry is also dependent on healthy and
attractive coral reefs. However, human activities as well as widespread
coral bleaching have severely affected large reef areas. This may result in
reduced income generated by reef tourism.

This mini-symposium focuses on assessments of the economic benefits of coral
reefs as well as the financial losses caused by reef destruction. More
specifically, potential contributors are invited to present papers on the
following issues:

- Introduction of models for reef value assessments
- Case studies of reef value assessments for specific geographic locations
- What is the financial loss caused by reef destruction?
- What are the economic incentives for sustainable reef management?
- Is reef management cost effective?

Any other contributions that fit the general topic of this mini-symposium
are also welcome.

Dr. Helge Peter Vogt
Zentrum für Marine Tropenökologie (ZMT)
Center for Tropical Marine Ecology
Fahrenheitstr. 1, D-28359 Bremen, Germany

contact address:
24 Doddington Grove
London SE17 3TT
United Kingdom
T./Fax: + 44 171 587 3556
e-mail: HP_Vogt at

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