Session on CO2 effects on corals

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Fri Mar 17 18:58:13 EST 2000

Chris Landgon and I are chairing Session E1 at the 9th ICRS entitled:
"Global Climate Change and Coral Reefs, 1.  The Science behind the 
Prognostications of Gloom and Effects of CO2 on Calcification"

Although this session will deal mainly with aspects of the effects 
of increased atmospheric CO2 on coral reefs, and particularly on
coral reef calcification, please consider submitting your abstract to
this session if it addresses any of the following issues:

The aragonite saturation issue: 

* Geological scale variations in CO2 as driving force for reef calcification 
* Evidence for reduced calcification in the 20th Century. 
* Natural buffering in shelf and ocean waters 
* The synergy between increased temperature and atmospheric CO2 

and also:

* What causes corals to bleach and die? 
* What is the scope for adaptation or aclimatization? 
* What are the evolutionary genetics and environmental stresses? 

Abstracts should be sent both to me (kleypas at and to David
Hopley, the Scientific Program Chair (David.Hopley at
by APRIL 30.

Dr. Chris Langdon, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, USA. 
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