Session at the Coral Reef Meeting on Proxy records of climate in coral skeletons

Peter Swart Pswart at
Sat Mar 18 15:39:27 EST 2000

In keeping with many other e-mails I am sending this notice to inform the
coral reef community about a special session to be held at the Bali meeting
on 'Proxy records of climate in coral skeletons'.

Items to be included are 

Applications of proxy data to paleoclimate problems such as global warming,
El Nino, Suess effect etc 
Calibration of proxy indicators
Other proxy indicators 
Other reef organisms

Abstracts should be sent both to me (pswart at, and/or Gerard
Wellington <wellington at>, and/or "Richard E. Dodge"
<dodge at>) and to David Hopley, the Scientific Program
Chair (David.Hopley at
by APRIL 30.
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