10ICRS Expressions of Interest

David Hopley David.Hopley at ultra.net.au
Thu Mar 16 20:33:05 EST 2000

Dear Coral listers,

Although we are still 7 months away from 9ICRS in Bali, the process for
choice of venue for 10ICRS in 2004 is commencing.  guidelines are given
below.  Please draw to the attention of anybody or any institution
interested in leading a bid.

Dr. David Hopley
ISRS Selection Committee




The International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) invites expressions of
interest for the hosting of the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium in
2004. ISRS will co-ordinate the selection process by way of an international
selection committee from among its membership and other respected
individuals previously involved with selection and/or running of an
International Coral Reef Symposium.

Previous Symposia have been held in Mandapam Camp, India (1969), Great
Barrier Reef, Australia (1973), Miami, USA (1977), Manila, Philippines
(1981), Tahiti, French Polynesia (1985), Townsville, Australia (1988), Guam
(1992) and Panama (1996), and scheduled for Bali, Indonesia in October 2000.

The occasion provides the opportunity for the dissemination of knowledge on
all aspects of the science, conservation and management of coral reefs and a
forum for the exchange of experiences and ideas.


March 2000 Call for expressions of interest

August 31, 2000   Closing date for receipt of expressions of interest.

September 2000 Selection committee will review applications and draw up a
short list who will be invited to present their bid in Bali before 9icrs.

October 22 2000 Short listed applicants will make a presentation to the
selection committee assembled at the Ninth International Coral Reef
Symposium in Bali.  It is envisaged that each of these presentations will
last about 1 hour including a short formal presentation and discussion.

October 27 2000 Announcement of successful bid at the closing ceremony of

Expressions of interest should be forwarded before August 31 2000 to:

Dr. David Hopley, Chair,
ISRS Scientific Program Committee 9ICRS
C/- CRC Reef Research Centre
James Cook University
 FAX: +61 7 4779 1400

EMAIL: David.Hopley at ultra.net.au

Dr. Hopley will act as Secretary to the Selection Committee.

Dr. Terry Done, President, ISRS
February 2000


1. The International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS)

The International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) is an international,
voluntary, organisation with ~750 members from ~ 50 countries and council of
17 individuals who work for the Society in their own time.  The Society uses
annual subscriptions to produce two publications and accepts donations to
allow it to award student prizes. It does not earn a profit, and its income
and expenditures each year are closely matched.  The Society does not have
the capability for a major role in the organization, program development and
running of International Coral Reef Symposia (ICRS), and it requires the
host country and local organizing committee to take that role.

2. Co-ordination and selection committee

ISRS will co-ordinate the selection process by way of an international
selection committee from among its membership and other respected
individuals previously involved with selection and/or running of an
International Coral Reef Symposium.

3.      Responsibilities of the host country and local organizing committee

The host country will be required to:
1. Provide the venue and logistical support.
2. Meet all costs (venue, printing of brochures, printing and distribution
of proceedings, logistics, professional organizer, work delegated to other
individuals or organizations, including ISRS if applicable).
3. Take leadership in raising of additional funds to meet financial targets
(see below), and take responsibility for underwriting the Symposium.
4. Form a local organizing committee with the following responsibilities:-
(a) Development of a budget and business plan agreed with the selection
(b) Overall control and co-ordination of the event
(c) Provision of a range of accommodations, from budget to luxury, and
airport-hotel-venue transfers.
(d) Development of the symposium program of ceremonies and presentations
(e) Provision of a program of scientific field trips to living and, if
available, fossil coral reefs.
(f) Provision of an accompanying persons program
(g) Initiate fundraising to ensure the widest possible attendance
(h) Development and maintenance of a Symposium Web site
(i) Printing and distribution of announcements, programs and abstracts
(j) Editing, production and distribution of Proceedings of the Symposium,
with editorial assistance from organizers of Mini-Symposia and others.

5. Financial targets of the local organizing committee

The host country should take primary responsibility to:

1. Cover any costs incurred in presenting the Symposium, including costs
incurred in preparation of the scientific program and creation and
maintenance of the Web site if applicable
2. Raise funds to support plenary speakers
3. Raise funds to support key people in various mini-symposia.
4. Raise funds to support attendance of students and others from developing
5. Raise funds for printing and distribution of Symposium Proceedings
6. Generate a surplus to pass on to the organizers of the following ICRS.

6. Expressions of interest

The bidding group should:

Make an initial expression of interest, in which key people and institutions
who will make up the organizing committee are identified, including
government departments or other organisations who will underwrite the
venture. An agreement in principle will be made to conform to the
requirements above.

Included in this expression of interest should be:

1. Suggested location and dates (taking into account world-wide university
schedules and local weather phenomena which might interrupt field

2.   Details of the conference venue and its facilities

3.   The availability of a range of hotels and alternative accommodation.

4.   A concept budget itemizing major expenditure and income, including
      possible sources of sponsorship such as Government and private
      enterprise, and a policy for underwriting the expense of the

5. Suggested registration fees covering ISRS members, non members,
          students and accompanying members.

6. Nomination of a Professional Conference Organiser, with a list of events
     they have organised over the last 3 years, or alternatively, some form
     guarantee of professional organisation of the symposium if a
     organiser is not available.

7.  Nomination of a local organizing committee such as:

? Chairman
? Treasurer
? Scientific program organiser
? Publications editor
? Scientific field trips organiser
? Social events and accompanying members program organiser

8.  A timetable of organisational goals, including a schedule and procedure
     publication of proceedings.

9. A range of pre and post symposium scientific field trips directed at a
     variety of disciplines (biology, ecology, geology, management and
     conservation), to locations within the region of the host country.

10.  An accompanying persons program.

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