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On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Henrich Bruggemann wrote:

>     The aim of this message to collect the scattered information on
> this subject and compile it; the result will be posted back on
> Coral-List. Therefore, I kindly ask the members of this list to share
> with me their observations on scarid and labrid fish sleeping inside
> mucus cocoons and on the environments in which were observed. I am
> grateful for any (reliable) information and comments from colleagues,
> scuba-divers, and aquarium holders.

I just found an interesting paper on the subject that I'm sure you're
familiar with (two of the authors are in your department) but that others
on this list might find illuminating:

Videler, H., Geertjes, G. J. & Videler, J. J.  (1999)  Biochemical
characteristics and antibiotic properties of the mucous envelope of the
queen parrotfish.  Journal of Fish Biology 54:1124-1127.

Biochemistry is far from my fields of specialization, but the take-home
(that the mucus envelopes have antibiotic properties) is interesting.


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