Manta towing on SCUBA

Kathy Townsend ktownsend at
Tue Mar 21 00:12:54 EST 2000

Dear Fellow researchers,
I am currently writing a review of scientific dive methods. One of the
section's discusses various techniques used to survey large coral reef
areas. I am aware that Manta towing has been used on snorkel for many years
to do the type of large scale survey, but what about manta towing on SCUBA?
After a heafty library search I have found that it has been frequently used
in the past but I have not found if it is currently allowed in this
"occupational, health and safety" climate.

I would like to hear comments/opinions or sources of information that may
find me answers to the following questions:

Is Manta towing on SCUBA currently used as a survey technique?
If so, what is it used for? (eg coral surveys, COT surveys, seagrass surveys
Is Manta towing on SCUBA allowed in Australia?
If so, is there a set of safety standards related to it (in Australia or
else where)?
If not, is there an industry safety standard for manta techiques on SCUBA
(in Australia or elsen where)?

I thank you for your time and consideration of this topic.

Yours sincerely,
Kathy Townsend

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