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Dear Fellow Coral-Listers:

I've already received over 60 requests for the list of coral disease
peer-reviewed publications.  Instead of sending this to everyone
individually, I will paste the list here and also attach it as a
word-processing file.  The webmaster of this listserver has graciously
offered to add coral disease publications to the CHAMP (Coral Health and
Monitoring Program) data base.  With the help of a CHAMP-associated
Librarian, I will soon be able to add the list, plus associated
abstracts, to the CHAMP coral reef references.

If you have any peer-reviewed coral disease papers that are not included
in the list, please send them to me (copy of paper to: Dr. Laurie
Richardson, Biology Department, Florida International University, Miami,
Florida, 33199, USA) and I will include it as we put together the CHAMP
coral disease reference site.   At this time I have not included papers
in press.  I have also not included abstracts and non-peer reviewed
papers about coral diseases.

Thanks so much for your interest.   Laurie Richardson

Coral Disease References: Peer-Reviewed Literature

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the Fourth International Coral Reef Symposium 2: 3-6.

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of the Fourth Internaltional Coral Reef Symposium 2: 7-14.

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hexacorals and octocorals.” Proceedings of the 5th International Coral
Reef Symposium 6: 155-160.

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record.” PSZNI Mar Ecol 6: 197-218.

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eastern Red Sea.” Proceedings of the Sixth Internaltional Coral Reef
Symposium 3: 145-150.

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the Caribbean.” Revista de Biología Tropical 46 (Supplement 5):

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community structure of a Holocene coral reef.”   Paleobiology. 23:

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disease in Jamaica: Impact on community structure.”  Proceedings of the
8th International Coral Reef Symposium I: 601-606.

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black-band disease epizootic through the coral reef system in St. Ann's
Bay, Jamaica.” Bulletin of Marine Science 61: 919-928.

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horizontally migrating cyanobacterial mat: Black band disease of
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