Manta towing on SCUBA

Walt Jaap STP Walt.Jaap at
Thu Mar 23 09:33:39 EST 2000

We used scuba on tow boards to census conch for several years.  Takes a bit of
training and skill.  We always used two divers and two sleds.  The depths were
as deep as 60.  For a copy of protocols contact bob.glazer at

More sophisticated systems have the diver using an AGA or Exo 26 helmet with
wire coms to the boat with a small video camera fixed to the top of the helmet
and an umbilicus back to the boat.  The video goes to a vcr on the boat and
into a software package called Mission Manager.  Mission manager can integrate,
GPS, DGPS, water quality, multibeam profiling, side scan, with the video.  The
download can be used to generate maps and graphics.  contact Bruce Graham:
csa at  

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