Coral bleaching in the Indian Ocean

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Here are some further details on the E2 mini-symposium proposed for Bali. 
This amplifies what is provided on the ICRS website.  For those of you
thinking of contributing a bleaching related paper/presentation E2 might be
the most appropriate home for your contribution.  We are in touch with the
other bleaching convenors in order to minimise the overlap between sessions
and to ensure the best possible overall programme on this topic.  Please
note that this proposed session has an Indian Ocean focus.  Expressions of
interest and abstracts are most welcome.

Coral bleaching on the large scale: oceanography, El Niño southern
oscillation (ENSO) and the 1998 Indian Ocean bleaching event

This mini-symposium aims to discuss the linkages between reports of
widespread and catastrophic coral bleaching in the Indian Ocean (1998-99)
and the oceanography and climatology of the 1997/98 El Niño event.  An
overview of the socio-economic impacts of this bleaching episode will also
presented to further highlight and demonstrate the cross-disciplinary nature
of coral bleaching events. 

This mini-symposium will offer presentations on Indian Ocean water
circulation patterns in 'normal', past ENSO and 1998 ENSO event years; sea
level variations in the Indian Ocean with changing ocean circulation
patterns; and perhaps inter- and intra-annual variations in solar radiation
patterns to provide i) a better grounding from physical science for the
unprecedented 1998 bleaching and ii) a context for regional scale papers on
the time of initiation, duration and severity of bleaching impacts
throughout the Indian Ocean.  Presentations regarding issues of local and
regional socio-economic impacts of coral bleaching in the Indian Ocean will
be encouraged.  To link local and regional scales, reports on bleaching
impacts at individual reef sites in the Indian Ocean will be highlighted in
a poster session, halfway through the symposium.  

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