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Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at
Fri Mar 24 18:14:38 EST 2000

Dear Coral researchers,

I've just visited a State of the Reefs site at:


And found this passage.

"Sewage pollution has been reported from Barbados, British Virgin Islands, 
Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique,..."

I'd appreciate any insight into the "sewage pollution" of the Cayman 
Islands so briefly mentioned in this document.

I am also hoping that someone has done coral reef studies or seagrass 
studies in and around Cayman's expansive North Sound.  My present interest 
concerns mid 80's/early 90's reports of a high rate of fibropapilloma 
tumour disease in turtles resident to this region.

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.

Ursula Keuper-Bennett

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