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I received this message recently.  I am posting it here to help them find
some coral biologists to review their video program. Please respond directly
to Lori Kata, not to me.


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> Hello,
> I found your name on a directory of coral researchers & was wondering if
> could help me with a project I have been given.  I work for an
> film company and we are distributing an educational video about worldwide
> coral bleaching events.  This film was recently well received at the
> Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital and is thus far
> considered to be a thoroughly researched discussion sparker.
> Could you:
> 1. Point me toward specialized coral reef and/or  global warming journals
> which might consider reviewing the video?
> 2. Do you know of any conferences or meetings being held that might be
> pursuaded to screen the film during their conference?
> 3. Can you point me toward any other experts in the field who might
> reviewing it or a listserv where we might post information about the film.
> 4. How about Research Centers that should know about it?
> 5 Would you consider viewing the film and writing a paragraph or two of
> comments about it: a sort of mini-review?
> Here is a short description of the film.
> 1998 was designated "International Year of the Oceans."  It turned out to
> the year that coral reefs around the world began to die.  Unprecedented
> bleaching swept the world's tropical oceans, in places leaving hundreds of
> miles of coral coastline-the fringes of entire countries in
> damaged.  Following a number of similar but lesser events since the
> this latest bleaching event is being touted as unequivocal proof that
> warming has begun, and that it will have a greater impact than many think.
> This program reveals disturbing evidence that even if coral can survive
> continually rising temperatures, they won't be able to escape the chemical
> effects of high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Silent
> Sentinels examines these claims and takes a step back to take a broader
> at the coral organism and how it has coped with climate change over time.
> For further information you can go to our website:
> Any of this sound doable to you?  I realize certainly that your time is
> likely limited, but any advice you might have to offer would be
> Let me know if you can help.  Thank you & hope to hear from you soon.
> all the best,
> -Lori
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