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Project Title: Conservation Management of Eritrea's Coastal, Marine and Island Biodiversity Project
Project No:   ERI/97/G31/B/1G/UNDP

The objective of this GEF-funded (US$5m) project is to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of the globally significant biodiversity of the State of Eritrea's coastal, marine and island (CMI) ecosystems. These are currently threatened by the rapid development of fisheries, tourism and oil exploration. The project will facilitate: sustainable development of the CMI resources through a participatory management framework; establishment of conservation areas and species protection programmes; an operational information system; and increased public awareness of the needs and benefits of CMI biodiversity.  This nationally executed project commenced in January 1999 and is implemented by the Ministry of Fisheries.

The project has four primary components, the first of which is to build a CMI Information System. Comparatively little data exists on the CMI biodiversity of Eritrea and thus an initial focus of the project will be to acquire necessary baseline data throughout the geographical range of Eritrea's CMI. The CMI Information System will form the basis for future project activities (including CMI Management) and it is therefore essential that the data is accurate, comprehensive and reliable.

The technical capacity of the project to acquire, assimilate, synthesise and maintain quality control of CMI data has been identified as a key issue (Hatcher, B.G. & Currie, P.D., Consultants Report, March 2000), and additional guidance and training is required to deal effectively with the scope of these project activities. To achieve this, the project will let two contracts for a CMI Ecology Trainer and a CMI Data Management and GIS Trainer, to work in-country with the core project team and other national partners for a minimum period of three months (commencing in May or June 2000). 

For Terms of Reference and application procedures, please contact:

Peter Raines
Chief Technical Advisor
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