Jim Hendee hendee at aoml.noaa.gov
Fri Mar 31 08:56:14 EST 2000

Last night, hackers dumped a huge load of illegal software at the coral
workstation site and filled up and crashed the hard drive.  I must
therefore take steps to protect the site and will probably have to curtain
some of the previous resources of CHAMP, at least for awhile.

While I doubt it, it is possible that people subscribed to coral-list
heard of the anonymous FTP site on the workstation.  IF one of you is
among those using the coral workstation site for such illegal purposes, I
want to point out to you that the US Federal Bureau of Investibation (FBI)
investigates illegal activities against Federal agencies, and the
penalties are severe.  We're talking jail time here: if you can't do the
time, don't do the crime, and all that stuff.

Okay, that is all, as you were...


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