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Al Strong astrong at nesdis.noaa.gov
Wed Nov 1 09:26:16 EST 2000

The flight we took diverted over Taiwan on Sunday to avoid Typhoon
Xangsange, that was over Manila at that time.  From the attached tracking
image for this typhoon it appears it was over southern Taiwan yesterday
afternoon (EST) and moving toward Taipei.  Position 26 is at 18Z/31 Oct and
27 at 00Z/1 Nov.  Sounds like Flight #6 was trying to beat the storm....?

I echo Colette's thoughts for any who may have had loved ones on Flight

Al Strong

Colette Wabnitz wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I just got back from the Bali Conference 2 days; my heart dropped and
> stomach went into a knot when I heard about the plane crash last night.
> I wanted to wish my heartfelt sympathy to anyone who had love ones on
> board and to say that my thoughts go out to all of you.
> Colette Wabnitz
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