Taipei flight and G. Hodgson

Mark Eakin Mark.Eakin at
Wed Nov 1 10:47:06 EST 2000

Singapore Airlines has placed information on Flight SQ006 at the top of their
web page.  It can be found at:

Included in the information is a list of Passengers and Crew, as well as
lists of those Accounted For and Unaccounted For.  Paul Blanchon is the only
Coral Reef name that I recognized from a quick survey of the list.  He is
both on the Passenger List and the Accounted For list.  I hope that Accounted
For means he is safe.


EricHugo at wrote:

> To say I am an emotional wreck right now would be an understatement.
> I was just on Singapore Airlines flight SQ6 from Taipei 24 hours ago, with
> Gregor across the aisle from me.  Gregor, please contact me.
> I want to wish my sympathy to all those who had loved ones on board, but
> mostly to find out if there were any on board coming back from the Bali
> convention.  I am shaking and very very concerned over this event.
> Eric Borneman

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