Taipei flight and G. Hodgson

GJ Gast gjgast at
Wed Nov 1 14:38:28 EST 2000

Dear Eric,

I am glad to read you are alive!

There are lists of names of people accounted for and unaccounted for on the 
airline webpage: 
under headings report 7.1 and 7.2 respectively. 
However, neither you nor Gregor are on either of the 2 lists nor the passenger 
list (report 4, passenger/crew list).

Paul Blanchon was in the plane, but has survived as he has been interviewed 
by CNN
click TRANSCRIPT of interview with survivor.

There are no other names I recognise, but then, I don't know all Bali 

Please let us know if you find Gregor.

I wish you strength. We are with you. 

Good luck, GJ.

> To say I am an emotional wreck right now would be an understatement.   
> I was just on Singapore Airlines flight SQ6 from Taipei 24 hours ago, with
> Gregor across the aisle from me.  Gregor, please contact me. 
> I want to wish my sympathy to all those who had loved ones on board, but 
> mostly to find out if there were any on board coming back from the Bali 
> convention.  I am shaking and very very concerned over this event.
> Eric Borneman

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