Taipei flight and G. Hodgson

EricHugo at EricHugo at
Wed Nov 1 11:57:37 EST 2000

Dear List:

Gregor and I were on the previous night's Flight SQ006, to any that may have 
been confused by the first post.  The weather was not good that night before, 
either, and I was strangely uneasy during that entire flight.  To think that 
plane made one more trip back, and to think of the hundred ways in which I 
might have been on that flight - if I had stayed an extra day, gone on a dive 
trip, missed my flight, etc.  Somehow, it has made my life that much more 

On the passenger list, I noticed a Roberto Iglesias - I hope and assume this 
is not Roberto Iglesias-Prieto?  

Best to all, and thanks to those who sent the passenger list and letters.

Eric Borneman

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