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Good Day All,

Yes, Rick Nemeth was on the flight.  He is one of the 16 people who walked
away from the crash.  It is my understanding that he crawled through the
baggage compartment to escape.  Needless to say we are all very thankful
that he is ok.  My thoughts are with everyone during this awful time, and I
hope that we only hear good news about our friends.


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I also understand that Rick Nemeth from Univ. of the Virgin Islands is also
on the "accounted for" list.

Anyone with information... please let us all know ASAP.

Prayers to all and their families.


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To Paul Blanchon.... if you are safe and sound back in Mexico.... please let
us know!


Bill Precht

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Singapore Airlines has placed information on Flight SQ006 at the top of
web page.  It can be found at:

Included in the information is a list of Passengers and Crew, as well as
lists of those Accounted For and Unaccounted For.  Paul Blanchon is the only
Coral Reef name that I recognized from a quick survey of the list.  He is
both on the Passenger List and the Accounted For list.  I hope that
For means he is safe.


EricHugo at wrote:

> To say I am an emotional wreck right now would be an understatement.
> I was just on Singapore Airlines flight SQ6 from Taipei 24 hours ago, with
> Gregor across the aisle from me.  Gregor, please contact me.
> I want to wish my sympathy to all those who had loved ones on board, but
> mostly to find out if there were any on board coming back from the Bali
> convention.  I am shaking and very very concerned over this event.
> Eric Borneman

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