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Soong keryea at
Wed Nov 1 19:42:08 EST 2000

Dear Coral list members:
It is a shock to learn that there were persons from the conference on
the flight #006. If you know anyone on the flight who can use our help,
please either use e-mail or the following numbers.

Taiwan contacts
Shao, Kwang-tsao (Taipei, 0932152991,zoskt at
Dai, Chang-feng (Taipei, 02-23916693,corallab at
Chen, Allen Chao-lun (Taipei, 02-27899549, cac at
Soong, Keryea (Kaohsiung, 07-5255109, 0933291942, keryea at
The above persons were all in the conference.

Among the 179 passengers and crew members, there are 99 survivors, of
which about half of them have left hospitcal and gone home.  
The typhoon caused another 51 fatalities so far, the most serious I have seen.


Keryea Soong
Taiwanese Coral Reef Society

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